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About H. Glasgow Construction

Located in Madeira, Ohio, H. Glasgow Construction has been turning clients' dreams into reality since 1981. Founded by Herbert Glasgow Jr. and his son, Terry, in 1981, H. Glasgow has never lost sight of the importance of the client/contractor relationship. We remain focused on leveraging our decades of experience to assist homeowners in developing innovative designs and quality finishes to meet budgets and exceed expectations. Now in its third generation of leadership under Andrew Glasgow, H. Glasgow Construction remains the industry leader in the Tri-State area.

H. Glasgow Construction promises to uphold the following guidelines with both current and potential clients:

  • Always deal fairly with customers and the general public
  • Adhere to the highest standard of honesty and integrity
  • Perform with uncompromising customer service, keeping customers informed of work progress, costs and time estimates
  • Use only the finest quality materials
  • Offer truthful consultation on building and remodeling needs
  • Be deliberate in its care to protect furnishings, interiors, landscaping and other property while performing our services
  • Strive to maintain integrity by rigorously safeguarding our standards of practice and in expecting the highest quality of service and workmanship
  • Foster a sense of cooperation throughout all project
  • Continually enrich the quality of our work by keeping pace with the latest techniques, products and services
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Change is an opportunity! We want to provide durable solutions and designs that enhance feelings of closeness, wellbeing and hopefully, happiness.
-Andrew Glasgow