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Hyde Park Bathroom Remodel - Portfolio

Hyde Park Bathroom Remodel

Hyde Park Bathroom Remodel
  • Hyde Park Bathroom Remodel
Built in 1890, this home was ready for an update. Though its historic charm was what originally drew the homeowners and their 5 children to it, a past attempt at a remodel left the 2nd floor bathroom anything but charming. Mainly used by the children, the cramped and awkward layout of this bathroom needed to be more accommodating to multiple children using it at one time while presenting a clean, updated appearance that maintained the historic charm of a home that is nearly 120 years old. With a little ingenuity, planning, and elbow grease, we were not only able to produce a more efficient, comfortable layout, but we were able to bring this dark, cramped, and dingy bathroom to life so that it accentuates the historic charm of this beautiful home. Rich in style and function, this bathroom is truly ready to stand the test of time.
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